Overland Mountain Bike Club Volunteer Registration Form:

Spring Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day
June 10, 2017, 8:00am - 2:00pm

We're holding the first of two IMBA "Take a Kid Mountain Biking Days" on June 10th this year. This free event encourages kids to hop on a bike and have a great time. This a fun event that cannot happen without your help. To sign up for one or more volunteer shifts, just follow the simple steps below. The event is back at its traditional location of the Soldier Canyon Group Picnic Area at Lory State Park this year (map).

Even though we hope to have volunteers dedicated to breaking down and cleaning up the event, we would really appreciate all volunteers would stick around to the end of the event to help. It goes really quickly with more help.

Problems? Questions?

If you have questions, please email: tkmbd At overlandmtb.org.


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Open SpotsActivityTime DescriptionSigned Up
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08:00 - 10:00Set up tents etc, get waivers signed, provide goodie bag to kids, direct kids to appropriate group.Monty Seitz, Andrew Waite, Diane Schultz, Courtney Thompson
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08:00 - 10:00Direct parking.
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09:00 - 13:00Lead rides of kids/parents, educate on rules of the trail and proper etiquette, show the kids how much fun mountain biking can be! Kenny Bearden, Agnieszka Holer, Bill Miller, Kristina Brown, Kelley Savage, Roslyn Stern, Graham Boon, Bill Heistermann, Scott Biesinger, Scott Ruff, Mike Weber, Brent Dennis, Hayden Burenheide
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09:00 - 13:00Take digital pictures. LOTS of them. Do not sign up for this if you are a ride leader.Kent Leier
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11:00 - 13:00Organize and distribute lunch for the event attendees (probably just pizza and drinks).Cy Foppe, Tiffany Foppe
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12:00 - 02:00Help take down tents, fold tables, clean venue, pack items, etc.Andrew Waite